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Quality Assurance/ Quality Control ; 800D valves meet the ANSI B16.34 standard. Hydrostatic tests are performed in accordance with of "Valves-Flanged, Threaded, and Butt-welding End". This encompasses the dimensions, construction, testing and rating of all valves supplied. We also perform ANSI standard seat leakage and hydrostatic tests on every valve we build, and operability tests are run on each valve and actuator leaving our factory. Special tests are readily available to meet your specific project needs, including non-destructive testing of valve components and performance testing of actuator controls.

DRAG® Velocity control trim has long been an industry preference for solving valve problems. Whether problems are due to cavitation damage, noise, poor control, or vibration, this valve will help. The 800D makes it easier to bring DRAG® technology solutions to you.

Our proven technology, in this pre-engineered package, allows your plant to receive many of the benefits that have traditionally come only with a custom designed valve. Designed with up to eight turns, this tortuous path multi-stages pressure reduction capability is unmatched in ANSI Class 600 control valves. Configured with either flow to open or flow to close trims, the valve is well suited to steam, gas or liquid flow. Flow to close is typically used for liquid service, and flow to open for steam and gas. The flanged body design is configured to meet ISA S75.03 face to face dimensions. Using a spring and diaphragm actuator, the complete valve is easier to fit into your plant systems, whether a new or replacement application. Weld end body configurations are available with socket weld ends through NPS 2 size and butt-weld ends through NPS 8.

The MSD-II actuator is standard for this product. This multi-spring diaphragm.
Unit is pre-selected by valve size, Built in reverse (spring close) or direct (spring open) acting configurations, this unit provides control and seat loading in line with typical industry values. Refer to the MSD-II catalog for more information.

Standard materials allow compliance with NACE MR 0175 and are also suitable for Power plant and Refinery applications. The soft seat option meets FCI 70-2 Class VI seat leakage.

Use VALSIZ computer program for ease of sizing and selection of your application.


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