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About Dongsan valve

A company will lead the 21st century
with the spirit of challenge and creation.

 CEO’s Greetings


Since the foundation in 1983, Dongsan Valve co., ltd. has been experiencing strong growth through challenging with hard works over 30 years. We’ve been trying continuous technology development, product investment, education and R & D. Dongsan valve co., ltd intends to become a leading company by developing new businesses, building future businesses, expanding global markets through international business, and strengthening financial structure.

In addition, Dongsan Valve knows it is God’s mission given to Dongsan that it should be used for evangelization of the world by receiving the blessing of Immanuel which God be with us. We will help grows the Remnants who will shoulder our future, and realize it as a common value that all members must observe.

Dongsan Valve entering upon the second foundation period will make efforts to succeed the tradition and management philosophy which have been built up and to set up the base which all of members can < follow their big dreams with a vision by incorporating the sound and future-oriented organizational culture through innovation.

Please pay attention to our endless challenge and accomplishment of making "Global Dongsan through the innovation” and I hope to get a lot of supports and encouragement from our customers

Thank you.



Direction to the company


 Gimhae factory : 167-2, Gomoro 324 An-gil, Jinrye-Myun, Kimhae City, Kyungnam



 Yeosu office : 48-9, Hwasan 1-Gil, Yeosu City, Jeonnam